Workshop Overview:

The following Upper Limb Ultrasound-Guided Injection Procedures Webinar will review upper limb (i.e. shoulder region, elbow region, wrist/hand region) injection procedures. The webinar will be a combination of didactic material specific to these injection procedures, actual videotaped examples of injection procedures (many of which are picture-in picture – show the probe/patient/physician positioning in one picture and the actual real time ultrasound Image in the other picture) and a simulated demonstration on a scanning model of the injection procedure set ups. Time will be provided for question and answer including repeat demonstration of an injection set up. The participant will receive a certificate of participation. Specific structures are listed below:

Shoulder region injection procedures to be covered:

  • Biceps tendon sheath
  • Biceps tendon
  • Musculocutaneous nerve block/hydrodissection
  • Subscapularis tendon
  • Subcoracoid bursa
  • Subcoracoid impingement injection
  • Outlet impingement injection/subacromial-subdeltoid bursa injection
  • AC joint injection
  • Supraspinarus/infraspinatus tendons, including diagnostic injections, PRP, and barbotage
  • Glenohumeral joint
  • Suprascapular nerve block and pulsef RFA at suprascapular fossa and spinoglenoid notch
  • Axillary nerve block at quadrilateral space

Elbow region injection procedure to be covered:

  • Common extensor and flexor tendons
  • Intra-articular elbow injections via anterior ulnohumeral approach within olecranon groove, olecranon fossa, and radiocapitellar joint
  • Radial nerve blocks/hydrodissection procedures at lateral epicondyle, leash of Henry, arcade of Frohse, fascial plane within junction of supinator muscle/pronator teres muscle
  • Pronator tunnel hydrodissection  of median nerve
  • Ulnar nerve hydrodissection within olecranon groove and cubital tunnel
  • Osborne’s ligament regenerative medicine injection
  • Ulnar collateral ligament regenerative medicine injection
  • Biceps tendon insertion
  • Triceps tendon
  • Olecranon bursa

Wrist/hand injection procedures to be covered:

  • Dorsal compartments with an emphasis on DeQuervain’s
  • Proximal and distal intersections
  • Dorsal ganglion cyst
  • Dorsal approach to radiocarpal joint
  • Scapholunate ligament
  • Distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ)
  • 1st CMC joint
  • STT (triscaphe joint)
  • Pisotriquetral joint
  • Carpal tunnel procedures
  • FCR tendon
  • Volar ganglion cyst
  • MCP/PIP/DIP joints
  • Trigger finger including median and ulnar nerve blocks 

Meet Our Speaker

Todd P. Stitik, MD, RMSK and President – New Jersey Society of PM&R

Todd Stitik is a Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His primary clinical interests include musculoskeletal ultrasound, osteoarthritis and image-guided injection procedures.

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