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The NJ Society of PM&R has been instrumental in advancing my  knowledge to the next level. Because of the ongoing lectures with up to date evidence based medicine, I’m now able to provide cutting edge ultrasound procedures to my practice. The NJ Society of PM&R has education programs that directly apply to my clinical practice . I also appreciate the Zoom format which works so well with my busy lifestyle.
Laurie L. Glasser,
Being a member of the NJ Society of PM&R has dramatically advanced my musculoskeletal and pain management practice. The monthly ultrasound training courses offered by the Society have been essential in me incorporating sonography both diagnostically and therapeutically, greatly expanding my patient care. The monthly guest lecturer didactic sessions have kept me in touch with the latest technologies; updating and reinforcing innovative and basic clinical skills. I highly recommend joining the NJ Society of PM&R, even if you’re not from the great state of New Jersey.
Ted Freeman
As a PGY-2 PM&R resident, I am proud to be part of the New Jersey society of PM&R. The New Jersey Society of PM&R had been instrumental in my pursuit to be a physiatrist. Through the society meetings, I have met and made important connections which helped me tremendously during the interview season. In addition, all the interesting lectures during the meetings were very educational and also valuable during the interview process. Now I can actually put all that I’ve learned from the meetings to good use during my residency. I would strongly any aspiring physiatrist to be part of the New Jersey Society of PM&R.
Dr Kenneth Leong,
PGY-2, PM&R resident Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
I am so grateful to be a part of the New Jersey Society of PMR. As an incoming PGY2 at Baylor College of Medicine where I begin the PMR training, I can say that being a part of this society gave me the ladder and steps to succeed in reaching here. The monthly meetings were pivotal to expanding my knowledge and further increased the itch to learn more about the practices in this field. It led to multiple networks developed in the PMR community. It beefed up conversation points during the interview season. Most importantly the members are super nice and helpful. I would highly recommend this society to any aspiring physiatrist and those who are already residents looking to increase their knowledge of PMR.
Anthony Nweke
MD, PM&R Resident, Baylor College of Medicine
I highly recommend membership in NJSPMR as it has been instrumental as a private practice physician to incorporate continuing medical musculoskeletal education both in person and more recently virtually from renown national physicians in their field of expertise, incorporating multimodality musculoskeletal imaging and cutting edge medical procedures. It has also allowed for physician networking with other attending‘s, fellow physicians and residents alike.
Monte Haber

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How do I Become a Member of the NJSPMR?

Simply click on JOIN NJSPMR and sign up through our website! If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our contact page and leave us a message!

How do I Pay for Dues / Renew my Membership?

Once you become a member and create an account through our website, you can pay for dues and/or renew your membership directly through your profile! All dues might be 100% tax deductible!

Are the NJSPMR Society Meetings and Webinars Recorded?

Yes! Recordings of past events are available to all NJSPMR members. Please note that in some cases, a recording for a particular event may not be recorded due to compliance reasons.

Are the Ultrasound Virtual Workshops Recorded?

Currently, only the NJSPMR Society Meetings and Webinars are recorded and are available for NJSPMR members.

Will I earn CME Credit?

CME credits are typically awarded for in-person Ultrasound Workshops. While we are still in a virtual setting, the NJSPMR instead awards a Certificate of Participation for those who attend virtual workshops.

What is the NJSPMR Certificate of Participation?

The NJSPMR awards a Certificate of Participation for live attendance of Ultrasound Virtual Workshops.

Where can I get NJSPMR Discounts?

The NJSPMR often partners with National and/or Regional Medical Conferences to help with the cost of registration and hotel accommodations. Discounts and their specific amounts may vary depending on the event but will nonetheless be listed in the event’s respective advertisement!

I’m not ready to become a member but I’m interested in your events. What should I do?

Non-members are welcome! Be sure to sign-up for our email list to stay updated with the NJSPMR and any new events!

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Yes! Our events are open to all who are interested!

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