PM&R Pre-Internship Training

Pre-Internship Position for Unmatched Medical School Graduates and others trying to get into PM&R residency training:

For medical school graduates who have a gap of many months to fill between graduation and starting in an official/paid internship/residency and for those looking to change from a medical field into PM&R, we offer a unique experience that includes an excellent opportunity to develop your clinical skills while working with experienced physicians in all aspects of a busy, exciting, dynamic, outpatient musculoskeletal and interventional pain practice. This experience allows you to remain psychologically and intellectually immersed within the world of direct medical care, while gaining medical knowledge/skills/experiences, co-authoring publications in the medical literature, avoiding unfilled gaps on your CV, and giving you the opportunity to earn very strong letters of recommendation. You will also be mentored in how to write a strong personal statement and CV, and will learn valuable skills regarding how to apply to and interview for residency positions. This program has many years of excellent success rates of physicians matching into residency programs after they complete 13 months in our program. Ideal for those applying for residencies in PM&R. Work expectations include a Monday through Friday workweek. There will be a small stipend plus parking expenses covered at our medical center. The office is an academic site open weekdays only and is located in northeastern New Jersey (close to NYC, accessible by public transit if needed). Please apply now if interested since these positions fill very quickly. Note: this program is only available to those who can legally work in the United States. 

If interested, please contact Dr. Todd Stitik (