Scott Berliner R.Ph. Life Science Pharmacy, Harriman, NY

Scott Berliner has extensive experience with integrative medicine, compounding, nutrition, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), anti-aging, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Scott received a BA in Biology from Brooklyn College, and a BS in Pharmacy from Brooklyn College School of Pharmacy and has been licensed since 1977. Scott takes a non-traditional approach by treating each person, not just his or her ailments or symptoms, in order to find a solution. Scott is available for consultations about weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, HCG diet, stomach and GI problems, all forms of anti-aging medicine and body composition analysis.

For this presentation, he will use himself as a case presentation to discuss rehabilitative medicine and the particular protocol he used for pain due to underlying sciatica at the age of 70, incorporating joint support, electrolytes, specific exercises, and supplements. You will have the opportunity to hear his unique approach to relieve low back pain that had him back in the gym at 70 years old and thriving after a few short months, as Scott explains a supportive path to pain relief using nutrition and nutrients besides medication.