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Michael Barnhard

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We are a full service orthotic and prosthetic company, with locations all throughout NJ.  We are looking to partner with a couple physiatry practices to help us care for our amputees.  A lot of times, an amputee will not have access to a physiatrist and ends up going to their family / internist, which is not always conducive to progressing as an ambulator.  We have the following locations we’d like to set up a synergistic referral flow, and be able to refer patients to as needed.  Below are the offices;

Fair Lawn / Bergen County & Surrounding – 200 Prosthetic Patients Fit Per Year
Randolph / Morris County & Surrounding – 100 Prosthetics Patients Fit Per Year
West Orange / Essex County & Surrounding – 100 Prosthetic Patients Fit Per Year
Somerset / Somerset County & Surrounding – 75 Prosthetic Patients Fit Per Year